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NAV Techdays 2018 in a nutshell.

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Every year me and my colleagues go to the biggest Technical event about Nav/BC and this year was no exception. We really liked the first day but the second day was a bit too "Azury" for our taste...

This post will summarize the most interesting points of this year's edition.

1. The Navision like we know it will be fully converted to the AL language.

2. MS will try to componentize Business Central. Meaning you could remove a part of it if you want.

3. In 2020 we say goodbye to CSide.

4. In the future it should be possible to rent a Business Centrall without "Navision"on it. Allowing you to deploy your own solution in their cloud ERP platform.

5. The AL version of Business Central that i mentioned before will be Open Source with its code in GitHub where everybody can contribute.

6. You can still use CaptionML; they are not going to remove it anytime soon. But you can't use it if you want you solution on AppSource.

7. The Partner ForNav will release a tool soon that will replace txt2al. It should be able to import any regular text fob. Looking forward to this one!

8. Next Major release will have the "Page Inspector" feature. Which is basically a better "About This Page".

9. Next Major release will allow you to setup multiple id ranges in your solution.

10. DotNet changes to "Don'tNet"(Thanks Vjeko). It used to be usefull but you should not use it anymore. It is slow and if your customer uses BC Cloud then you have to use Azure Functions which slows it down even further.

11. JaveScript does have a future! Hopefully we see some more love for the Language in future releases.

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